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Coding with Culture

Hi. I'm Coach Hicks

Welcome to my website! I am a STEAM/Computer Science Instructor with a passion for teaching young people about Historically Black Colleges and Universities through culturally relevant and sustainable experiences in both CS and the larger STEAM realm.

I also enjoy helping teachers bringing the same message to their scholars through consultations and professional development sessions. We strive to make everyone's experience with Coding With Culture a personal and fruitful one! We are doing our part in addressing and closing the digital divide.

I look forward to sparking creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication in your scholar or working with my fellow educators to do the same with their students!


K-12 Virtual Computer Science & STEAM Camps

We provide culturally-relevant computer science experiences for elementary, middle and beginner high school students!

Creatively designed coding and digital literacy classes to help close the digital divide! Our camps are rooted in the HBCU experience! All scheduled at your convenience!

We have something for everyone!!


Click above to watch my Q&A with SAM Labs interview about culturally-relevant CS experiences.

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